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Project Description Owner Last Change
ansible.git Ansible playbooks for my servers Ralf Jung 6 months ago
auto-debuild.git Automatic Generation of Debian... Ralf Jung 8 years ago
bubblebox.git Simple Application Sandboxing Ralf Jung 2 months ago
dyn-nsupdate.git Dynamically and securely updat... Ralf Jung 18 months ago
git-mirror.git Keep git repositories on multi... Ralf Jung 3 years ago
gltest.git OpenGL test applications to... Ralf Jung 20 months ago
lets-encrypt-tiny.git Let's Encrypt Tiny Ralf Jung 12 months ago
lilass.git Linux Laptop Screen Setup Ralf Jung 3 months ago
mass-build.git Easily Build Software Involvin... Ralf Jung 9 years ago
multypo.git Multi-Keyboard Fast-Typing... Constantin Berhard 10 years ago
noFUDroid.git Gets rid of some FUD on Android Ralf Jung 8 years ago
osspd.git OSS Proxy Daemon Debian Package Ralf Jung 3 years ago
rust-101.git Rust-101: A Rust Tutorial Ralf Jung 22 hours ago
saartuer.git Stuff to open our door, archived HackSaar 10 years ago
schsh.git schroot shell: Restricted... Ralf Jung 4 years ago
tls-check.git Detect the TLS ciphers support... Ralf Jung 22 months ago
web.git sources for my website Ralf Jung 2 weeks ago
zonemaker.git Write your DNS zone files... Ralf Jung 3 years ago