2020-12-09 Ralf Jungupdate acme-tiny master
2020-09-30 Ralf Jungupdate acme-tiny
2018-05-11 Ralf Jungfix trailing space
2018-05-10 Ralf Jungadd BSD license, update README now that this is just...
2018-05-10 Ralf Jungremove newmail script
2018-05-10 Ralf Jungremove mailman-check
2017-12-26 Ralf Junglink to LE tiny post
2017-11-28 Ralf Jungfix config_list path
2017-11-27 Ralf Jungexpand sample crontab
2017-11-27 Ralf Jungadd sample crontab
2017-11-27 Ralf Jungletsencrypt-tiny: use embedded acme-tiny
2017-11-27 Ralf Jungadd acme-tiny submodule
2017-11-27 Ralf Jungadd newmail
2017-08-20 Ralf Jungmake 'init' more idempotent in case of errors
2017-04-07 Ralf Jungtry to clean up temporary CSR file if ACME-tiny fails
2016-02-07 Ralf Jungtune README
2016-01-18 Ralf Jungslightly better error if the CSR still exists
2015-12-29 Ralf Junghooks are not mandatory
2015-12-29 Ralf Jungmake init generate the ACME key
2015-12-29 Ralf Jungthere is no CSRs folder anymore
2015-12-14 Ralf Jungalways use staging when generating a new key
2015-12-14 Ralf Jungdo not keep CSRs
2015-12-14 Ralf Jungfix rename calls
2015-12-14 Ralf Jungletsencrypt-tiny: *oops*
2015-12-13 Ralf Jungletsencypt-tiny: ++docs
2015-12-13 Ralf Jungfix certcheck
2015-12-13 Ralf Junglet the hooks handle the combined file generation
2015-12-13 Ralf Jungadd support for generating crt+chain files
2015-12-13 Ralf Jungprettier printing
2015-12-13 Ralf Jungcall acme_tiny as a python script
2015-12-13 Ralf Jungmake some config options optional
2015-12-13 Ralf Junggitignore __pycache__
2015-12-13 Ralf Jungadd the cron job
2015-12-13 Ralf Jungmake a certcheck module
2015-12-13 Ralf JungAdd letsencrypt-tiny wrapper around acme-tiny
2015-12-13 Ralf Jungcertcheck has a --help argument
2015-12-13 Ralf Junggencsr: fix openSSL key file name
2015-12-06 Ralf Jungadd mailman-check
2015-12-06 Ralf Jungadd script to check for expired certificates
2015-12-06 Ralf Junggit rid of piontless file endings; better docs
2015-12-06 Ralf Jungadd script to generate CSR's with subjectAltName
2015-12-06 Ralf JungInitial commit