2015-09-22 Ralf Jungadd missing include master
2015-04-26 Ralf Jungfix typo; more detailed extension reporting
2014-02-21 Ralf Jungtest for invalid FBConfigs; explicitly request an FBCon...
2013-11-17 Ralf Jungrequire GLX 1.4
2013-10-02 Ralf JungMake the shaders work on NVidia
2013-09-30 Ralf Jungadd egl3test
2013-09-27 Ralf Junguse -Wextra and fix the warnings it caused
2013-09-27 Ralf Jungadd a utility function to print a message to stderr...
2013-09-27 Ralf Jungmake checkGlError generally available
2013-09-27 Ralf JungAdd support for OpenGL 3 contexts
2013-09-23 Ralf Jungrename glestest -> gles2test
2013-09-19 Ralf JungSome more Makefile magic to avoid repeating the source...
2013-09-09 Ralf Jungadd {glx,egl}2test using the GL2 API in a classic OpenG...
2013-09-08 Ralf Jungprint the GL version in use
2013-09-08 Ralf Jungrename window system and context choice variables
2013-05-05 Ralf JungMore detailed error messages when failing to choose...
2013-04-11 Ralf JungEnsure we get an ES2-compatible surface if we need...
2013-04-11 Ralf Jungsupport for GLES2
2013-04-09 Ralf JungUse glFinish instead of glFlush
2013-04-03 Ralf JungRemove some trailing spaces
2013-04-03 Ralf JungCheck whether swap interval value is supported
2013-04-02 Ralf JungExplicitly set clear color
2013-04-02 Ralf JungMake the state names capital-first
2013-03-31 Ralf Jungrename rectVertices -> rectQuad
2013-03-31 Ralf Jungmake {glx,egl}test GPLv2+
2013-03-31 Ralf Jungadd option to slep some time during each frame
2013-03-31 Ralf Jungadd profiler state for clearing the buffer
2013-03-31 Ralf Jungadd options to conrol presentation and clear behaviour
2013-03-31 Ralf Jungadd command-line option for swap interval
2013-03-31 Ralf JungEnsure program is terminated when swap interval cannot...
2013-03-31 Ralf JungAdd eglinfo by Brian Paul
2013-03-31 Ralf JungAdd gitignore
2013-03-31 Ralf JungInitial commit