2016-08-17 Ralf Jungadd tests for parsing certain xrandr output; fix crash... master
2016-08-17 Ralf Jungallow overriding where we get the xrandr info from
2016-05-11 Ralf Junguse https
2016-05-11 Ralf Jungnew git URL
2016-04-26 Ralf JungISSUE_TEMPLATE: fix typo
2016-04-11 Ralf Jungfix some typos
2016-04-11 Ralf Junggithub issue template
2016-04-10 Ralf Jungwork on README
2016-04-05 Ralf JungMerge pull request #4 from ConnyOnny/master
2016-04-05 Constantin... repair question frontend
2016-03-23 Ralf Jungfix aspect ratio shown for 720x480
2016-03-23 Ralf Jungadd a testsuite checking the aspect ration computation
2016-03-23 Ralf Jungremove unused enum
2016-03-23 Ralf Jungadd a switch to NOT use the DB
2016-03-22 Ralf Jungrework the new screen DB stuff:
2016-03-22 Ralf JungRevert "made aspect ratio accurate"
2015-11-24 Constantin... lastSetup support in question frontends
2015-11-24 Constantin... pre select last used setup in qt gui
2015-11-24 Constantin... added command line argument --show
2015-11-24 Constantin... saving to and loading from db works :-)
2015-11-20 Constantin... made aspect ratio accurate
2015-11-20 Constantin... useful sorting of resolutions
2015-11-17 Constantin... fix preferred Resolution and new config file location
2015-11-16 Constantin... minor fixes
2015-11-16 Constantin... reading EDID now also for multiple displays
2015-11-15 Constantin... reading EDIDs, everything works with only one display...
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungport README to markdown
2015-09-21 Ralf Jungport to Qt5
2015-07-28 Ralf Jungmove QtFrontend to the Qt dialogue
2015-07-28 Ralf JungDetect absence of a TTY, and refuse to use the CLI...
2015-07-28 Ralf JungMerge pull request #1 from ConnyOnny/master
2015-07-28 Constantin... import cleanup
2015-07-28 Constantin... coding style in
2015-07-28 Constantin... moved cli and zenity frontend to their own files
2015-07-28 Constantin... updated zenity frontend, added cli frontend
2015-07-28 Constantin... pimped the RelativeScreenPosition enum
2015-07-19 Ralf Jungsync README style with others
2015-06-18 Ralf Jungdon't hard-code the path to the python interpreter
2015-06-09 Ralf JungGitHub wording
2015-06-08 Ralf Jungrename COPYING
2015-03-09 Ralf Jungfix the zenity backend to work. it doesn't provide...
2015-02-25 Ralf Jungfix documentation
2015-02-25 Ralf Jungmention GitHub in the readme
2015-02-25 Ralf Jungmore rename DSL -> LiLaSS
2015-02-25 Ralf Jungrename binary dsl -> lilass
2015-02-08 Ralf Jungreintroduce configuration; fix CLI arguments; add ...
2015-02-08 Ralf Jungrefactor pretty much everything. some features are...
2015-02-04 Constantin... fixed zenity
2015-02-03 Ralf Jungdeal with xbacklight returning an error code
2015-02-03 Ralf Jungfind more internal connectors
2015-02-01 Ralf Jungdo not assume xbacklight is installed
2015-01-25 Ralf Jungdon't use frontend before we loaded it
2015-01-25 Ralf Jungadd a mirror mode
2015-01-25 Ralf Jungtab -> whitespace
2014-11-14 Ralf Jungre-enable backlight whenever necessary
2014-11-06 Ralf Jungignore more things
2014-07-14 Ralf JungUpdate copyright years
2014-07-14 Ralf Jungadd a README
2014-07-14 Ralf JungFix parsing CLI arguments
2014-02-23 Ralf Jungwhen forcefully switching to internal mode, check brigh...
2013-12-04 Ralf Jungadd an option to force disabling external and enabling...
2013-09-15 Ralf Jungavoid needless list construction
2013-09-07 Ralf JungUpdate gitignore to python 3 bytecode location
2013-09-07 Ralf Jungmake it work properly with python 3
2013-09-07 Ralf Jungconvert DSL to Python3 (just ran 2to3)
2012-11-18 Ralf Jungremove tabs from COPYING file
2012-11-14 Ralf Jungallow to select frontend via command-line; add a GUI...
2012-11-02 Ralf Jungproperly open and close processes
2012-10-17 Ralf JungMove the GUI frontend doc out of the Qt implementation
2012-10-17 Ralf Jungrework GUI frontend selection
2012-10-17 Ralf JungFix process communication
2012-10-16 Constantinstupid gpl copy n paste bug -.-
2012-10-16 Constantinzenity:
2012-10-16 Constantinzenity stuff now successfully tested
2012-10-16 Constantinfixed some bugs in the experimental zenity code
2012-10-16 ConstantinMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-16 Constantinadded experimental code for a zenity "gui", yet unteste...
2012-10-16 Constantinfixed typo
2012-10-16 Ralf JungFix license header
2012-10-07 Ralf Jungallow to pass screen setup data via command-line instea...
2012-10-07 Ralf Junglet the GUI module directly return a ScreenSetup instance
2012-10-07 Ralf Jungstore entire setup in a class, and use that as interfac...
2012-10-07 Ralf Jungabstract the dialogue away so it can be implementing...
2012-10-06 Ralf JungDon't make unknown xrandr lines a fatal error - my...
2012-10-06 Ralf Jungcomplain if a connector is both internal and external
2012-10-06 Ralf JungIt does not like me to always properly clean up the...
2012-10-06 Ralf JungComplain about unknown xrandr output
2012-10-06 Ralf JungFix what I broke... *oops*
2012-10-06 Ralf JungMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-10-06 Ralf Jungdon't import GUI stuff in, use for that
2012-10-06 Constantinadded more possible internal connector names
2012-10-06 Tim Ruffingignore "Screen" lines in xrandr -q and accept connector...
2012-10-06 Ralf JungMake this GPLv2+
2012-10-06 Ralf Jungexplain why there is no strip() call for the value
2012-10-05 Ralf Jungprovide auto-configuration
2012-10-05 Ralf Junguse a config file instead of hard-coding connector...
2012-10-05 Ralf Jungrename tool to DSL: Display Setup for Laptops
2012-09-03 Ralf Jungxrandr lists a DP1 connector I don't actually have
2012-08-20 Ralf Jungadd support for several external connectors (of which...
2012-07-21 Ralf JungFix disabling the external screen