2021-01-29 Ralf Jungadd support for generating TLSA records directly from... master
2021-01-29 Ralf Jungmark tlsa script as executable
2021-01-29 Ralf Jungadd script to generate TLSA records
2019-08-05 Ralf Jungtypo
2019-08-04 Ralf Jungadd support for CAA records
2018-05-11 Ralf Jungfix trailing space
2016-05-11 Ralf Jungnew git URL
2016-03-05 Ralf Jungsupport splitting TXT records into bind-sized chunks
2015-12-25 Ralf Jungmulti-NS secure delegation
2015-12-25 Ralf Jungmutliple NS support for Delegations
2015-10-17 Ralf Jungaccept more IPv6 addresses
2015-10-14 Ralf Jungallow adding subgroups of dicts
2015-10-14 Ralf Jungconvert README to markdown
2015-06-18 Ralf Jungdon't hard-code the path to the python interpreter
2015-06-09 Ralf JungGitHub wording
2015-06-08 Ralf Jungrename license file
2015-03-21 Ralf Jungmake more intensive use of
2015-03-21 Ralf Jungmore systematic (and sane) approach to handling relativ...
2015-02-25 Ralf Jungadd GitHub to the readme
2015-01-01 Ralf Jungfix adding DKIM in the root of a zone
2015-01-01 Ralf Jungfix DKIM record type
2015-01-01 Ralf Jungadd DKIM helper
2015-01-01 Ralf Jungfix typo
2015-01-01 Ralf Jungadd support for TXT records
2015-01-01 Ralf Jungmore make magic
2015-01-01 Ralf Jungrndc gives textual and exit-code feedback, use it
2015-01-01 Ralf JungMakefile: delete generated file on error
2015-01-01 Ralf Jungforbid empty domain names
2014-11-14 Ralf JungREADME tuning
2014-11-14 Ralf Jungshorter title
2014-11-14 Ralf Jungfix README
2014-11-14 Ralf Jungmore README work
2014-11-14 Ralf Jungupdate license header to a more standard form
2014-11-13 Ralf Jungmake top-level
2014-11-13 Ralf Jungadd first version of a README
2014-11-13 Ralf Junglicense: BSD
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungrefactor how we deal with TTLs
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungadd example zone
2014-11-11 Ralf Jung... 3.2 ...
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungmore python 3.2 fixes
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungfix for python 3.2
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungdisable typing
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungdo not rely on imported typing names
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungcompatibility with python 3.2
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungwrite to stdout only
2014-11-10 Ralf Jungfix SOA formatting
2014-11-10 Ralf Jungcheck more data for sanity; properly support TLSA and...
2014-11-09 Ralf Jungrefactor RRs
2014-11-09 Ralf Jungtune RR formatting
2014-11-09 Ralf Jungemit to dbfile
2014-11-09 Ralf Jungemit more RRs
2014-11-09 Ralf Jungcount serials; automagic TTLs
2014-11-09 Ralf Jungstart actually writing something
2014-11-08 Ralf Jungsome more type annotations
2014-11-08 Ralf Jungexperiment with mypy type annotations
2014-11-08 Ralf Junguse exceptions rather than assertions
2014-11-08 Ralf Jungvalidate hostnames
2014-11-08 Ralf Jungparse IP addresses
2014-11-08 Ralf Junginitial commit