descriptionLinux Laptop Screen Setup
ownerRalf Jung
last changeWed, 17 Aug 2016 19:19:28 +0000 (21:19 +0200)
2016-08-17 Ralf Jungadd tests for parsing certain xrandr output; fix crash... master
2016-08-17 Ralf Jungallow overriding where we get the xrandr info from
2016-05-11 Ralf Junguse https
2016-05-11 Ralf Jungnew git URL
2016-04-26 Ralf JungISSUE_TEMPLATE: fix typo
2016-04-11 Ralf Jungfix some typos
2016-04-11 Ralf Junggithub issue template
2016-04-10 Ralf Jungwork on README
2016-04-05 Ralf JungMerge pull request #4 from ConnyOnny/master
2016-04-05 Constantin... repair question frontend
2016-03-23 Ralf Jungfix aspect ratio shown for 720x480
2016-03-23 Ralf Jungadd a testsuite checking the aspect ration computation
2016-03-23 Ralf Jungremove unused enum
2016-03-23 Ralf Jungadd a switch to NOT use the DB
2016-03-22 Ralf Jungrework the new screen DB stuff:
2016-03-22 Ralf JungRevert "made aspect ratio accurate"
2 years ago master