2021-06-23 Ralf Jungmove repository to Debian's GitLab master
2021-04-17 Ralf Jungfinish up changelog for release debian/1.3.2-12
2021-04-14 Sébastien NoelFix previous commit... 'Maintainer' field can only...
2021-04-14 Sébastien NoelAdd myself as Maintainer
2021-04-13 Sébastien NoelUse debhelper-compat instead of d/compat
2021-04-11 Ralf Jungfix lintian warnings
2021-04-11 Ralf Jungupdate to dh compat level 13
2021-04-10 Ralf Jungadd 'Closes' note to changelog
2021-04-10 Ralf Jungadd patch for recent PulseAudio (by Sébastien Noel)
2019-01-25 Ralf JungRelease version 1.3.2-11 debian/1.3.2-11
2019-01-25 Ralf Jungfix cross-build (again)
2019-01-25 Ralf JungUpdate Standards-Version to 4.3.0
2019-01-25 Ralf Jungadd changelog stub
2018-12-26 Ralf JungRelease version 1.3.2-10 debian/1.3.2-10
2018-12-25 Ralf Jungfix build on MIPS
2017-12-08 Ralf JungRelease version 1.3.2-9 debian/1.3.2-9
2017-12-08 Ralf JungUpdate Standard-Version to 4.1.2
2017-12-03 Ralf JungNo longer depend on obsolete dh-systemd
2017-12-03 Ralf Jungfix using target-architecture pkg-config
2017-12-03 Ralf Jungadd changelog stub
2017-05-17 Ralf JungRelease version 1.3.2-8 debian/1.3.2-8
2017-05-17 Ralf JungFix a typo in the manpage
2017-05-17 Ralf JungAdd Documentation to systemd service file
2017-05-17 Ralf JungUse https URL for Vcs-Browser
2017-05-17 Ralf JungUpdate Standards-Version to 3.9.8
2017-05-17 Ralf Jungmark osspd as MA: foreign
2015-12-28 Ralf JungRelease version 1.3.2-7 debian/1.3.2-7
2015-12-28 Ralf JungUpdate Standards-Version to 3.9.6.
2015-12-28 Ralf JungMigrate debug symbols to ddeb
2014-03-31 Ralf JungRelease version 1.3.2-6 debian/1.3.2-6
2014-03-23 Ralf JungUpdate Standards-Version to 3.9.4. No changes needed.
2014-03-23 Ralf JungLoad cuse module via module-load.d
2013-10-10 Ralf JungRelease version 1.3.2-5 debian/1.3.2-5
2013-10-10 Ralf JungFix systemd service file
2013-09-26 Ralf JungMake the osspd-dbg doc folder a symlink again, as remov... debian/1.3.2-4
2013-09-24 Ralf JungRelease osspd 1.3.2-4
2013-09-24 Ralf JungFix systemd service file
2013-09-23 Ralf Jungosspd does not need to recommend pulseaudio anymore
2013-09-23 Ralf Jungblacklist OSS modules; conflict with oss-compat (<...
2013-09-12 Ralf Jungadd a systemd service file (taken from Arch)
2013-09-09 Ralf JungManage the currently used osspd slave via update-altern...
2013-09-09 Ralf Jungmove backends into their own packages
2013-05-18 Ralf JungUpdate Forwarded: information
2013-05-18 Ralf JungFix changelog formatting debian/1.3.2-3
2013-05-18 Ralf JungRelease version 1.3.2-3
2013-05-11 Ralf JungAdd -pthread compiler and linker flag
2013-05-08 Ralf JungUse Conflicts: instead of Breaks: as indicated by lintian
2013-05-08 Ralf JungUpdate Standards-Version
2013-05-08 Ralf JungProvides: and Breaks: oss-compat
2012-10-05 Ralf JungAdd links to git repository
2012-10-02 Ralf JungUpdate changelog for 1.3.2-2 debian/1.3.2-2
2012-10-01 Ralf JungChange architecture to linux-any as Hurd and BSD lack...
2012-09-21 Ralf JungSlightly extend description
2012-09-20 Ralf JungUpdate slave path patch: Remove now unused variables
2012-09-20 Ralf JungFix 1.3.2-1 release date
2012-09-20 Ralf Jungmake pulseaudio a Recommends: debian/1.3.2-1
2012-09-19 Ralf JungCreate a debug package
2012-09-19 Ralf Jungforgot SuSE in the copyright file
2012-09-19 Ralf JungInstall slaves to /usr/lib/osspd: They are not means...
2012-09-15 Ralf JungDepend on lsb-base, as indicated by initscript skeleton
2012-09-15 Ralf JungFix initscript spacing
2012-09-15 Ralf Junginstall upstream README
2012-09-15 Ralf JungAdd osspd manpage
2012-09-15 Ralf JungComplete copyright file
2012-09-15 Ralf JungAdd watch file
2012-09-15 Ralf JungAdd forwarded information to patches
2012-09-15 Ralf JungMention ITP in changelog
2012-09-15 Ralf Jungsplit the first patch into two
2012-09-15 Ralf Jungfix pidfile
2012-09-15 Ralf Jungdon't be so silent
2012-09-15 Ralf Jungadd first version of an initscript
2012-09-13 Ralf JungUpdate udev file
2012-09-13 Ralf Jungdisable verbose mode
2012-09-13 Ralf Junguse CPPFLAGS
2012-09-13 Ralf Jungset install locations
2012-09-13 Ralf JungFix compilation with hardening flags
2012-09-13 Ralf Jungdisable running the tests
2012-09-13 Ralf Jungadd build dependencies
2012-09-13 Ralf JungInitial debian packaging
2012-09-13 Ralf JungImported Upstream version 1.3.2 upstream upstream/1.3.2