descriptionAnsible playbooks for my servers
ownerRalf Jung
last changeMon, 4 Nov 2019 15:56:59 +0000 (16:56 +0100)
2019-11-04 Ralf Jungdon't warn about every use of su master
2019-10-10 Ralf JungStrato is even more broken now
2019-09-02 Ralf Jungalso manage sender_transport_map
2019-07-20 Ralf Junginstall debian-security-support
2019-07-20 Ralf Jungconfigure needrestart to restart when unattended
2019-06-12 Ralf Jungadjust dovecot config for Dovecot 2.3
2019-06-03 Ralf Jungdovecot: dont override settings with their default...
2019-06-03 Ralf Jungdovecot: make maildir not the same as homedir
2019-06-03 Ralf Jungsync recipient_delimeter between dovecot and postfix
2019-06-03 Ralf Jungpostfix: also use _ as extension separator
2019-04-23 Ralf JungStrato's network is really bad
2019-04-16 Ralf Jungslow down etherpad restarts
2019-03-12 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: opemdkim
2019-03-06 Ralf Jungfix pattern
2019-03-03 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: opendkim
2019-03-03 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: opendkim
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