descriptionAnsible playbooks for my servers
ownerRalf Jung
last changeSun, 2 Sep 2018 12:31:10 +0000 (14:31 +0200)
2018-09-02 Ralf Jungupdate etherpad master
2018-08-25 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: ssh
2018-08-20 Ralf Jungapache is still only sometimes starting correctly
2018-08-20 Ralf Jungtweak do-update
2018-08-19 Ralf Junglogcheck: postfix
2018-08-18 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: ignore more delays (<= 500ms)
2018-08-16 Ralf Jungmaybe this helps for apache?
2018-08-10 Ralf Jungremove cleanup task
2018-08-10 Ralf Jungbetter IPv6 network config fix
2018-07-31 Ralf Jungadd cronjob to make sure that apache is running
2018-07-22 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: postfix
2018-07-22 Ralf Jungsome machines are so slow, postfix often complains
2018-06-27 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: bind
2018-06-24 Ralf Jungdisable upgrade debug output for now
2018-06-21 Ralf Jungfix cronjob mode
2018-06-21 Ralf Jungadd script to continuously check DNS settings
3 weeks ago master