2014-07-18 Ralf Jungfix score master
2014-07-17 Ralf Jungmore consistent display of player name
2014-07-17 Ralf Jungshow player name while typing
2014-07-17 Ralf Jungadd proper states and a sane API for players
2013-10-14 Ralf Jungallow passing words file as argument
2013-07-25 Constantinmore stuff from the schönen künste
2013-07-19 Constantinralfs Fixes
2013-07-19 Constantingeht doch net :-(
2013-07-19 Constantinworks
2013-07-19 Constantinworks now, only game over screen missing
2013-07-19 Constantinplayers get points now which are shown per word
2013-07-19 Constantinname input and game start works
2013-07-17 Constantinthere are players now :-) every game is better with...
2013-07-17 Ralf JungChange output color per label
2013-07-13 Ralf JungAdd per-device output label
2013-07-13 Ralf Junggrab all keyboard focuses on startup
2013-07-13 Ralf Jungadd a label to the UI
2013-07-13 Ralf Jungrename multixkbd -> multypo; get rid of UI magic
2013-07-11 Ralf JungFix crash when running debug build; use QString instead...
2013-07-11 Ralf JungAdd initial qt version
2013-05-15 now picks 10 random words out of the dictionary...
2013-05-05 Constantinadded simple score display at the end and on the terminal
2013-05-05 Constantininitial release, dirtyest code but works
2013-05-05 Constantingitignore
2013-05-05 ConstantinInitial commit