2020-07-07 Ralf Jungresolve domains directly against dyn nameserver (instea... master
2017-11-22 Ralf Jungclient: fix getting the response
2017-11-22 Ralf Jungfix 'good' reply more
2017-11-22 Ralf Jungfix 'good' reply
2017-11-22 Ralf Jungmore verbose
2017-11-22 Ralf Jungmore error information
2017-04-12 Ralf JungIPv6 method local: allow configuring device
2017-04-07 Ralf Jungprettier printing
2017-04-07 Ralf Jungdyn-ns-client: add option to remove potentially existin...
2016-02-07 Ralf Jungfix typo in README
2016-01-26 Ralf Jungtry to get nicer exception messages when we fail fetchi...
2016-01-18 Ralf Jungclient: more informative update information
2015-12-20 Ralf Jungexplicit default for verbosity
2015-12-20 Ralf Jungfix typos
2015-10-08 Ralf JungConvert README to markdown
2015-07-24 Ralf Jungclient script: show old value in the change notification
2015-07-11 Ralf Jungcheck Python version to configure SSL contexts
2015-07-11 Ralf Jungssl_check_cert option does not have to be given
2015-07-11 Ralf Jungdocument single-v verbosity
2015-07-11 Ralf Jungadd a verbosity level that only prints on changes;...
2015-06-18 Ralf Jungdon't hard-code the path to the python interpreter
2015-06-09 Ralf JungGitHub wording
2015-06-08 Ralf Jungrename COPYING
2015-05-30 Ralf Jungadd link to license text source
2015-04-23 Ralf Jungfix typos
2015-03-06 Ralf JungAvoid needless format position specifications
2015-03-06 Ralf Jungaccept more valid (and invalid) IPv6 addresses
2015-02-22 Ralf Jungadd link to GitHub
2015-01-09 Ralf Jungfix quotes
2015-01-09 Ralf Jungexplain how to give the script another config file
2015-01-09 Ralf Jungadd a way to pass "-k" to nsupdate, and document all...
2015-01-09 Patrickadd option for dns update key
2015-01-08 Ralf JungIPv6 local: report failure
2015-01-08 Ralf Jungmore documentation
2015-01-07 Ralf Jungimplement 'local' detection method
2015-01-07 Ralf JungREADME tuning
2015-01-07 Ralf Jungupdate README to config files
2015-01-06 Ralf JungREADME: provide some more setuid-related explanation
2015-01-06 Ralf Jungintroduce a configuration file for dyn-ns-client
2014-12-03 Ralf Jungfix a typo
2014-11-14 Ralf Jungupdate license header to a more standard form
2014-11-13 Ralf JungREADME: fix header line length
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungtune installation instructions
2014-11-11 Ralf Jungfix installation instructions
2014-11-06 Ralf Jungmore README tweaking
2014-11-06 Ralf JungREADME tweaks
2014-11-06 Ralf Jungcomplete documentation with client setup
2014-11-06 Ralf Jungstart writing a documentation
2014-11-06 Ralf Jungmove the setuid wrapper binary into its own folder
2014-10-14 Ralf Jungbe more verbose when asked for it
2014-10-14 Ralf Jungupdate client script to handle IPv6
2014-10-14 Ralf Jungbetter return report
2014-10-14 Ralf Jungfix how we make CGI arguments to strings
2014-10-14 Ralf Junga first attempt at server-side IPv6 support
2014-10-14 Ralf Jungtab -> whitespaces
2014-10-14 Ralf Jungprepare for using program_options; sanitize namespaces...
2014-10-13 Ralf Jungdocument FritzBox setup
2014-10-09 Ralf JungChange default config file location: /var/lib/named...
2014-10-09 Ralf Jungallow passing arguments to the client script; change...
2014-10-09 Ralf JungConvert Python scripts to be more PEP8-like
2014-10-08 Ralf Jungput everything under BSD license
2014-08-09 Ralf Jungallow configuring the port
2014-05-11 Ralf Jungport client script to python 3
2014-05-11 Ralf Jungquery our own IP only once
2014-03-04 Ralf Jungsupport multiple domains in update script; get rid...
2013-09-10 Ralf Jungupdate-client: exit 1 in case of failure; make the...
2013-08-10 Ralf Jungadd checkip script and a client to update the IP
2013-08-10 Ralf JungUse local mode of nsupdate, then we don't even need...
2013-08-09 Ralf Jungadd CGI script which calls dyn-nsupdate
2013-08-09 Ralf Jungcast last argument of execl; check for errors in dup2
2013-08-09 Ralf Jungrun nsupdate as child and send it the update commands
2013-08-09 Ralf Jungverify username, password, domain from configuration
2013-08-09 Ralf Jungset config file statically; parse it
2013-08-09 Ralf JungInitial commit: Mode checks for config file