2018-05-10 Ralf Jungadd newmail script
2018-05-10 Ralf Jungadd mailman-check cronjob
2018-05-10 Ralf Jungmake base a role
2018-05-10 Ralf Jungconfigure timesyncd
2018-05-10 Ralf Jungdon't get DNS via DHCPv6 either
2018-05-10 Ralf Jungunbound: make sure unbound is loaded before the network...
2018-05-10 Ralf Jungadd do-update script
2018-05-05 Ralf Jungpostfix needs opendkim access
2018-05-02 Ralf Jungupdate server-scripts repo URL
2018-05-01 Ralf Jungdeploy apache log anonymizer
2018-05-01 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: ssh, postfix
2018-05-01 Ralf Jungfix NEEDRESTART_MODE
2018-04-20 Ralf JungI don't think we still need this with PW-logins disabled
2018-04-17 Ralf Jungapache: disable access_compat module
2018-04-17 Ralf Jungless MAM
2018-04-16 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: ssh
2018-04-16 Ralf Jungmake sure dhclient does not give us another DNS server
2018-04-16 Ralf JungSSH: filter more
2018-04-15 Ralf Jungadd unbound and more tools
2018-04-15 Ralf Junginstall more stuff
2018-04-15 Ralf Jungadd prosody config
2018-04-15 Ralf Jungconfigure root shell from /etc/skel; put conditionals...
2018-04-15 Ralf Jungjournalwatch: ignore failed SSH attempts... there are...
2018-04-15 Ralf Jungroll out psmisc (for killall)
2018-04-15 Ralf Jungfail2ban cleanup done
2018-04-15 Ralf Jungget rid of fail2ban, it doesnt actually help
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungadd shared apache config
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungfix postscreen and DKIM permissions
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungproperly set up opendkim
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungmake --diff the default
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungadd script to run ad-hoc on all hosts
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungtweak upgrade playbook
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungonly install needrestart from backports; pin server...
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungextend gitignore
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungextend postfix: vmail and more
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungadd master playbook
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungtweak email
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungcheck if we are on a supported distro
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungadd postfix and journalwatch roles
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungwork
2018-04-08 Ralf Jungadd basic packages playbook; work on upgrade playbook...
2018-04-03 Ralf Jungwrite upgrade playbook and try it on some more hosts
2018-04-02 Ralf Junginitial commit