2015-10-12 Ralf Jungfix research page
2015-10-12 Ralf Jungresearch: add link to research category of my blog
2015-10-12 Ralf Jungfeed: fix XML, add ID
2015-10-12 Ralf Jungadd categories
2015-10-12 Ralf Jungmore Rust post tuning
2015-10-12 Ralf JungRust post tuning
2015-10-12 Ralf JungRust post: tuning, spell checking, publication
2015-10-11 Ralf Jungsome work on the Rust post
2015-10-11 Ralf Jungonly show a post excerpt in the blog index
2015-10-11 Ralf Jungfirst version of rust post
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungtypo
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungget rid of blog description; more welcome fixes
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungmore uniformity for blog post headers; change link...
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungmake a research page happen
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungfix welcome post
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungstart honoring baseurl again; crazy hackery to get...
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungprepare for having two sites: personal and research
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungmake sure vertical scrollbar is always shown
2015-10-09 Ralf Jung*oops* fix date
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungpublish blog post: Breaking All the Way Out
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungtuning, tuning, tuning the spaces...
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungresearch: re-add missing image
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungproject link can now be found in menu
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungalso upload to MPI server
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungindex typo
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungupload script
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungmake better use of medium width; more menu space tuning
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungfix dates of posts
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungmake the page layout general enough to cover posts...
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungmove the link to Breaking All the Way Out to a blogpost
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungadd my research page; make its links absolute; tune...
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungindex: English first; redirect: use my fonts
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungmake blog titles clickable; some more style tunes
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungmake the new style also work for blog posts
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungdevelop a new style
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungfix typos and HTML
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungmake sure we extract something sensible as slug from...
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungwrite welcome blog post
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungprepare things for a blog
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungblog index meta-info
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungmore careful sorting of the menu; readme generator...
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungadd CS redirect page; tiny projects page change
2015-10-07 Ralf Junggenerate readme pages through a plugin
2015-10-07 Ralf Junguse the Jekyll pages information to create the menu
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungchange the way we expect the header to look in the...
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungblog title & description
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungget the content styled again
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungre-do the layout: use SCSS, put the boxes differently...
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungport projects file to markdown
2015-10-06 Ralf Jungtry harder not to have spaces in the menu; fix project...
2015-10-06 Ralf Jungcompute the menu recursively; put it between title...
2015-10-06 Ralf Junga first version of my site proted to jekyll