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2019-11-21 Ralf Jungtypo
2019-05-14 Ralf Jungconsistently separate footnotes from text
2018-08-07 Ralf Jungfix rustdoc links to point to stable docs
2018-08-07 Ralf Jungeven more https
2018-07-25 Ralf Jungblog: Assume we will never have a non-empty baseurl
2018-07-16 Ralf Junglink to Servo's copy of the same code
2018-07-16 Ralf Jungavoid 'read reads'
2018-07-13 Ralf Jungfix Arc issue description
2018-07-13 Ralf Jungfix typos
2018-07-13 Ralf Jungextend footnote
2018-07-13 Ralf Jungadd reddit URL, fix typo
2018-07-13 Ralf Jungnew post on Arc bug