get rid of MPI-SWS imprint
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2019-04-30 Ralf JungStacked Borrows 2
2018-08-07 Ralf JungStacked Borrows
2018-05-23 Ralf Jungfix black bar to the left of the small-screen view
2018-05-23 Ralf Jungadd MPI-SWS imrpint links
2018-04-10 Ralf Jungtweak style
2018-04-06 Ralf JungCSS: no background color when printing
2016-01-13 Ralf Jungfix frame computation
2016-01-02 Ralf Jungtune spacing
2016-01-02 Ralf Jungsplit CSS into several files; take some CSS from the...