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2016-06-14 Ralf Jungfix compatibility with latest version of Jekyll
2016-01-02 Ralf Jungget rid of crazy include-vars-magic and pretitles,...
2016-01-02 Ralf Jungmake category code more readable
2016-01-02 Ralf Junghighligher: sort builtins
2016-01-02 Ralf Jung"fix" the official Rust highlighter by monkey-patching
2016-01-02 Ralf Jungupdate menu plugin to work with Jekyll 3.0
2015-10-12 Ralf Jungfix research page
2015-10-12 Ralf Jungadd categories
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungmake a research page happen
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungstart honoring baseurl again; crazy hackery to get...
2015-10-09 Ralf Jungprepare for having two sites: personal and research