pointers are complicated: clarify that this post is not about exploring the trade-off
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2018-08-07 Ralf Jungbox calling Box::into_raw; add some rustdoc links
2018-07-25 Ralf Jungconst: clarify and typo
2018-07-20 Ralf Jungmore information on determinism of CTFE
2018-07-19 Ralf Jungclarify relation of CTFE correctness and const safety
2018-07-19 Ralf Jungclarify a bit the I/O story
2018-07-19 Ralf Jungthank centril
2018-07-19 Ralf Jungclarify conflusion
2018-07-19 Ralf Jungnotation
2018-07-19 Ralf Junglink to forum
2018-07-19 Ralf Jungpost on CTFE