make sure vertical scrollbar is always shown
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2015-10-09 Ralf Jungmake sure vertical scrollbar is always shown
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungtuning, tuning, tuning the spaces...
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungmake better use of medium width; more menu space tuning
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungadd my research page; make its links absolute; tune...
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungmake blog titles clickable; some more style tunes
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungmake the new style also work for blog posts
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungdevelop a new style
2015-10-08 Ralf Jungprepare things for a blog
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungget the content styled again
2015-10-07 Ralf Jungre-do the layout: use SCSS, put the boxes differently...